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Saturday, July 5, 2014

NWGC an undervalued gold mining stock with milling capacity to process other gold mines gold prices within three years, have been estimated by experts, to reach new highs near $5,000.00 per ounce "As the price of Gold Increases the stock could eventually reach $10.00 a share"

 NWGC News

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About New World Gold Corp

New World Gold Corporation engages in defining, developing, and producing gold assets in the United States and internationally. It holds interests in the Montana project in the United States; and the Ecuador and Peru projects in South America. The company was formerly known as New Asia Gold Corporation and changed its name to New World Gold Corporation in May 2009. New World Gold Corporation was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida.
New World Gold Corp
1200 North Federal Highway Suite 200 Boca Raton FL 33432
Phone: 561-210-8496

Experts say GOLD WILL REACH $ 5,000.00 an ounce !!!!!



 Short Squeeze Alert !!!!! Time to Find more buyers.

Buy Side Volume could send NWGC price per share UP Quickly !!!!!  NWGC  Intrinsic Valuation today $1.57 per share !!!!!

052714 NWGC CNN

NWGC has acquired and currently owns’s 52% of AGCZ

NWGC an undervalued gold mining stock with milling capacity to process other gold mines ore, currently own's 52% of AGCZ or 2,139,000,000.  O/S is : 4,092,031,318 so O/S-52%( restricted )= 1,953,031,318 Float, as it has become a highly profitable gold mining entity. The price of AGCZ stock is comparatively low, but very stable, due to it’s larger float. I would look for the price of AGCZ to catch up with NWGC in the near future, as more and more people become aware of both NWGC and AGCZ and the reality, that gold prices within three years, have been estimated by experts, to reach new highs near $5,000.00 per ounce.

NEWS !!!!  New World Gold Corporation Shows Increased Revenues and Profits in the First Quarter of 2014

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 28, 2014) - New World Gold Corporation (PINKSHEETS: NWGC) a gold mining company with existing operations in Ecuador and Peru today released its financial results for the First Quarter ended March 31, 2014.   The Company continues to show significant growth with improved revenues and profits in existing operations

Revenue for the First Quarter ended March 31, 2014 was $2,488,516 versus $1,673,919 last year. This is an increase of $814,597 (48.7%). The net profit for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014 was $750,608 versus $378,164 last year, an increase of $372,444 (98%).

The Company expects to increase operations in 2014 and projects that its 2014 revenues and profits will substantially increase compared to the results obtained in 2013.

NWGC PPS estimate
Crunched some numbers in to see what should be the PPS considering the industry/sector P/E ratios.
*Scroll down to see the estimates
What is P/E ratio? A valuation ratio of a company's current share price compared to its per-share earnings.
P/E = Stock Price / EPS
EPS = Profit / Outstanding shares


Total outstanding shares as of 3/31/14 :527,516,915
Earnings First Quarter :$750,608

Maths For the sake of the exercise, I did 3 scenarios

#1 First of all lets say the company only does $750,608 profit for the year( this is only Q1)
EPS : 750608/527516915 = 0.0014
P/E : 0.0043/0.0014 = 3.07

#2 Now lets assume the company keeps doing the same revenues Q over Q.
EPS : 750608*4/527516915 = 0.0056
P/E : 0.0043/0.0056 = 0.76

#3 Now lets assume the company profits grow by 20% each Q(98% increase from 2013-2014).

EPS : 4029262/527516915 = 0.0076
P/E : 0.0043/0.0076 = 0.56

P/E ratio recap : #1 3.07 #2 0.76 #3 0.56

The current average P/E ratio for the gold mining industry is 164. As we can see NWGC is trading way under the industry average ratios
But since I'm a conservative guy, lets cut the industry P/E ratio in 4
P/E ratio : 164/4 = 41

With the scenarios calculated higher in this post we would come with these different PPS:

#1: 41*0.0014 = $0.057 

#2: 41*0.0056 = $0.22

#3: 41*0.0076 = $0.31

Gold Industry Junior Mining Analyst ;

"As the price of Gold Increases the stock could eventually reach $10.00 a share" 

New World Gold Corporation (NWGC) has a solid history of producing revenues year over year, and proven or probable reserves of 1,895,000 oz of gold both domestically and internationally; the proven reserves are 695,000 oz and the probable reserves are 1,200,000 oz. The current worth of these proven and probable combined reserves is $2,446,445,000 based on the gold value of $1291.00 per oz as of 5/21/14. Using JUST the proven reserves as a conservative number, 695,000 oz is equal to $897,245,000!!!

We will take the numbers from the most recent quarterly report, filed JUST LAST WEEK. The A/S for NWGC is ONLY 750M shares!!! The O/S is even lower, at only 527M shares! Again, using the conservative, but PROVEN reserves value, divided by the outstanding shares, you get $1.70 per share intrinsic value!!!!  TODAY RIGHT NOW...

The most recent quarterly also reports $11.6M in assets, and most importantly, gross PROFITS of over $4.9M last year!!! If that wasn't good enough, the most recent PR says that their NET profits for Q1 2014 are 98% higher than in 2013!!!! It's safe to say these people KNOW what they are doing and are doing it well over and over.

Now you can see why we are SO EXCITED about this undervalued Gem! It is an undiscovered, profitable company with a low float and it is going to be HUGE !!!!!

Here is some information directly from their website:

New World Gold Corporation continues to grow through development and production of existing reserves, acquisition and development of new reserves and processing of third party reserves at it's mills.

Previously the Company had focused on domestic gold reserves. However, the Company has been very successful in Ecuador and Peru and has defined a largeproven reserve of 695,000 oz of gold and significant probable reserves that the Company is evaluating to change into a proven reserve. At the same time the Company will continue to acquire additional proven reserves that are ready to come on to productions.

The Company has shown excellent growth in 2011 and now has 5 producing mines and 3 operating mills. The Company projects that in 2012 it will acquire another producing mine and one more mill while at the same time increasing its proven gold reserves and its daily production.
Key Highlights:

New World Gold has 5 producing gold mines.
The Company has 3 fully operating mills with a combined capacity of 380 tonnes per day.
The average head grade of the ore being processed is 1.0 oz of gold and 15 gm of silver per tonne of ore.
The Company processes ore from other mines increasing cash flow and profits.
The Company has proven reserves in excess of 695,000 oz of gold.
The Company has probable reserves greater than 1,200,000 oz of gold.
The Company is working to change these reserves from probable to proven.
New World Gold will continue to increase reserves through acquisitions.
The Company continues to have an active reclamation program.
The Company had record revenues and profits in 2011 and expects to exceed these results in 2012

Here is a link to their most recent Financial Reports:

Here is a link to their most recent PR:
New World Gold Corp
NWGC or New World Gold Corp. a producing top gold mine stock with Seasoned Management touted one of the best gold mining stocks will increase its production rapidly and actively pursuing new acquisitions.

This recent two-day show by NWGC is just the Preview Of Coming Attractions for the entire PM mining sector. NWGC will be one of the stars, but there are literally dozens more like it. Why ? Because if you follow the PM mining sector you know the whole sector has been in one of the most brutal cyclical bear markets in memory, having lasted now almost three years; due, of course, to the fact PMs themselves ( gold and silver ) have been in their cyclical bear. Every junior miner and explorer out there has been beaten to within an inch of their life. ( and some have died ) All that is just about over.

Those able to parlay plays such as this - one after another - are going to make themselves stupendous fortunes in the coming year.

To the fellow with the math calculations : your numbers are way too low. Why ? Because you're not taking into account the way mining stocks are so highly leveraged to the price(s) of the underlying metals. NWGC is easily a $10 stock once the PM rally gets going again in earnest.

New 60 ton per day mill in Ecuador to generate in excess of $2.0 million per year !!!!!

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2014) - New World Gold Corporation (PINKSHEETSNWGC), a gold mining company with existing mining and milling operations in Ecuador and Peru, wishes to announce it has begun construction on a new 60 ton per day mill in Ecuador. It is projected that this mill will be fully operational August 15, 2014. Based on new additional contracts, this mill is projected to generate in excess of $2.0 million per year net. This represents a substantial increase in cash flow. The company now has the capability to process over 500 tons of ore per day in Ecuador and Peru.
The Company has started to make its mills environmentally sensitive by upgrading its mills, adding flotation cells and eliminating the use of chemicals. It uses portable concentrators that allow the company to process ore and tailings in remote places. It does not use mercury or cyanide and has lower power requirements and high capacity. With its mills, the company is able to offer miners with no milling capability the option to get their ore processed. The company gets paid for the milling and gets a percentage of the gold and silver produced. At the same time the Company processes its own reserves.
The Company intends on pursuing both milling and mining opportunities in both Ecuador and Peru. The fact that the Company has the capability of milling its own reserves and the ability to do contract milling gives us a huge advantage over the majority of small gold mining corporations. The Company had record revenue and profits for the year ended December 31, 2014. In the first quarter ended March 31, 2014 the revenues and profits continued to grow. The company expects revenues and profits to grow in 2014.

New World Gold Increases the Number of Independent Miners That It Processes Ore for

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2014) - New World Gold Corporation (PINKSHEETSNWGC), a gold mining and milling company with operations in Ecuador and Peru, is pleased to announce that it continues to increase the number of independent miners that it processes ore for. The Company makes a profit from the milling process as well as getting a percentage of the gold and silver that it produces for the independent miners.
The Company currently processes ore for 7 mines. It is expected that this will increase to 12 mines by August as well as processing its own reserves. The new mill, with a projected start up in August 2014, is expected to be at capacity immediately.
The Company increased both revenue and profits in the first quarter of 2014. The Company is anticipating an excellent second quarter with increased revenues and profits. With the start up of the new mill in the third quarter, the second half of the year is projected to produce very positive financial results.
Because people did not hold, took profits, and sold short NWGC pulled back hard and fast, due to the then present low float.   While it is impossible to predict exactly when NWGC will reverse, and go back into an upward trend, right now would be a pretty good time to think about it, if you wanted to capture, as much of the future gains as possible.  Since the stock is extremely undervalued, returning to the 200 Day Moving Average of 6 cents and reaching the last recent previous high of 12 cents per share is a realistic possibility in the very near future !!!!!  Experts say, it is best to invest in a stock, upon reversal into an uptrend, upon confirmation, after the first major pull back.   (confirmation defined as three consecutive days of closing, with a higher stock price than the prior day)  As you can see, I bought at .0015 before "experts" and look how NWGC ran !!!!!   Now that all the chart conditions are satisfied, "experts" should accumulate, buy in, and NWGC should really Fly !!!!!

  Can I get a TEN DOLLA HOLLA !!!!! 

Good Luck To All !!!!!

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